A little background

Recharge Escapes was founded by two sisters who have a passion for fitness, art, and travel. During the summer of 2015, we began conceptualizing a unique wellness retreat that would combine Sasha's art and Sonja's fitness teaching skills on the Greek Islands. We felt that creativity paired with fitness; along with a little wine, laughter, and R&R would be a perfect recipe to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Our dream became a reality in June 2016 when we hosted our first luxury escape to Amorgos, Greece. The vision we foresaw was more than we could have ever imagined! The wonderful staff went above and beyond, allowing the group to experience Greek island culture, beauty, and a simple state of peaceful presence. From there Recharge Escapes was born.



If you are a busy professional or stay at home parent, and are finding yourself stuck in the rat race of life with no YOU time, this is the perfect opportunity to press the pause button and do something that your body and soul deserves and needs! Our trips are not about engaging in a strict detox, non-stop "bootcamp" style workouts, or really anything extreme. You will find yourself in a serene, luxury location where you can choose whatever activities you need to recharge your batteries and feel rejuvenated. We will provide you with various fitness classes, art lessons, wine tasting, excursions, hiking, spa services, and of course relaxation time. We now host wellness retreats both domestically and abroad in stunning destinations including Bali, Greece, Costa Rica, and California.

We can't wait to share these once in a lifetime experiences with you, and see your happy, glowing, recharged faces by the end!


Sample of What's Included

-5-7 night luxury accommodations

- Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Garden fresh organic dishes with vegetarian options)

-One to two fitness classes per day

-Art classes


-Spa Services

-One to two excursions 

-Wine tasting

-Airport transfers

Check out Greece and Bali for specific details!

A few of our Classes


Core Fusion - Strengthen, lengthen, and tone every inch of your body as we blend traditional Pilates movements with elements of barre, yoga, and other functional fitness exercises.

Super Circuit| - Cardio meets strength in this circuit style sweat session. You’ll use the TRX, resistant bands, and body weight exercises that will leave you feeling challenged and renewed from the inside out!

HIIT and abs - In this class, we will start with 20minutes of Hi Intensity Interval Training, followed by an ab series that will get that mid sections hurting so good.


Intuitive Drawing - Let go and let instinct take the reigns as you deepen your ability to observe, take creative risks, and enjoy the surprise. The goal is to put aside any preconceptions of art making in an effort to regain a sense of childlike playfulness and joy in the creative process.

Paint and Sip -Sit back with a glass of wine, and let your masterpiece unfold. You will be guided through each step of a painting, in a fun, social, and always enjoyable atmosphere.Intuitive Drawing/Painting