Art, Fitness, and R&R in Stunning Locations

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Our mission is to create a travel experience that allows you to escape the rat race and slow down, all in an effort to put focus back on you and your well-being.  The combination of fitness, art, excursions, culture, and a little pampering will leave you feeling nothing but recharged! Though the focus is on wellness, it is not a strict detox."Healthy" treats and vino will be onsite!

These escapes are perfect for....

Anyone who need some "me" time

Destination Bridal Boot-camps

Busy professionals who would like an opportunity to meet new like minded people in a relaxed environment

Couples looking for a health and wellness oriented vacation

Can't wait for you to join us on the next one!!!


Our Recent Escapes to Amorgos, Greece and Saba Island

Announcing our 2018 Escapes! 

Costa Rica: Feb. 15-20, 2018

Escape for 5 nights to beautiful Tango Mar, Costa Rica!  We will stay in a luxurious 6 room villa steps from the ocean on the stunning and pristine Nicoya Penninsula. On this ultimate escape, invigorating exercise will pair with jungle hikes, stress-reducing paint classes, gourmet meals, and of course relaxation in the sand in sun, making for an unforgettable, and much deserved retreat experience!


"Sonja and Sasha organized the trip of a lifetime to Greece this summer. I had an incredible time and will always cherish the memories I made in Santorini and Amorgos Island. I haven't been this relaxed in years! The schedule was fun and well balanced, the resorts were beautiful and the owners and staff treated us like family, and the group they assembled was so warm and friendly. I will go on another Recharge Escape in the future, and highly recommend them!"

"I knew that after a week of Sonja's workouts, I was pretty much guaranteed to come home feeling stronger and healthier.  As soon as we stepped foot onto Amorgos, I realized I was going to leave with so much more than I had anticipated.  I couldn't have imagined a more ideal setting for a recharge retreat.  It's impossible not to feel energized on the island.  The art classes with Sasha reawakened a creativity I had long forgotten.  Not only did I come home stronger, I came home more grounded and mindful.  I can't wait until next year!"

 "It was a wonderful, memorable, recharging vacation. I just adored Aegilis!  The location.  The property. The staff. The food!! I can't wait for the next Recharge Escape!"

"So many great moments, it is hard to pick one. I think the beauty of the venue was incredible. I was initially intimidated by the art classes, but was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and fun they were! All around, this trip was unique and amazing!"